Since the young age Corrado Caruso, has been use to deal with the kitchen when his parents were working, his aunt was taking care of him. She was running a " trattoria " right in the middle of Rome....

This is not far from " Colosseum " area. For this reason, we can say, he was predestinated, a day, to open a business on his own. Actually, his life was a bit different.

Although he was still helping his aunt, he got a specialization in information technology and joined a big Italian company for a few years. But his inner goal was to get something different from the life his parents were actually dreaming for him. So, in one of his touristic trips, he fall in love with Thailand and, particulalry with Hua Hin. He recognized the place where make his dream come true.

That was in 2001, in a totally different reality for the town.