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We are located in Hua Hin

Hua Hin (Thai: หัวหิน, IPA: [hǔə hǐn]) is one of eight districts (amphoe) of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula in Thailand. Its capital, also named Hua Hin, is a beach resort town. The district has a population of 84,883 in an area of 911 km².

In 1834, before the name Hua Hin was coined, some agricultural areas of Phetchaburi Province were hit by severe drought. A group of farmers moved south until they found a small village that had bright white sands and a row of rocks along the beach. They settled here and gave it the name Samore Riang (Thai สมอเรียง; rtgs: Samo Riang), which means "rows of rocks".

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Chinese New Year Dates

Chinese New Year's Day's date is calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, hence the date is different each year on the Gregorian (internationally used) calendar, but always in the period January 21 to February 20.



When is Songkran in Thailand? Songkran festival will take place April 13th through the 15th, a festival that is the country’s traditional New Years Eve celebration.


Jazz Festival

From quiet beginnings, it has grown into probably the biggest and most important jazz event in Thailand's calendar.


Each year in August, Hua Hin hosts a colourful yachting regatta when upwards of 300 competitors take part in a number of different classes for various prizes.