Chinese New Year Dates

on 27 May 2015

Chinese New Year's Day's date is calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, hence the date is different each year on the Gregorian (internationally used) calendar, but always in the period January 21 to February 20.

Officially Chinese New Year is celebrated on Chuyi (初一 /choo-ee/) the very first day of the new year, Chinese New Year's Day, and Chuxi (除夕 /choo-sshee/), the last day of the previous year, Chinese New Year's Eve.

Traditionally though celebrations can start much earlier than Chinese New Year's Eve. Some people start to celebrate from three weeks before. The date is called Laba (腊八 /laa-baa/) the eighth day of the twelfth Chinese month, while more people celebrate from one week before — the 23rd of the twelfth month.

There are also two different closing dates. Officially it is the day when the one week holiday ends, usually the sixth day of Chinese New Year. Traditionally the ending day is the fifteenth day of the first Chinese calendar month — the Lantern Festival. Read more on day-by-day celebrations for this grandest of Chinese festivals.